more ghosts

Over and above the ghosts from my past which have caught up to me on FaceBook, a pair of ghosts recently popped out of the blue and contacted me.

A week or so ago, Kathwren dropped me a line to invite me to her parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was through Katherine that I met her parents (George & Sally) who hired me into my first job writing software. She was definitely a pivotal person in my existence.

Just yesterday Kelly dropped me a line, she is the oldest of three girls in a family I hung out with a lot in the mid 80s. Much went on in those days, some good, some bad, and some forgotten in a haze of pot smoke. My life has changed a lot, I'm certain hers will have too, I wonder if there's any commonality left.

Hopefully I'll get to touch bases with both and at least catch up on where our roads have taken us.

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  1. One more ghost from France, Hi to you & to Kelly :)