Fire Play

Last night was supposed to be our fire drill. I got to the station knowing that none of the officers had had time to prepare a drill so expecting a bunch of busy work (yech). Instead I found that we had a mutual aid call to an Elsie Vinemaple commercial fire. I suited up and was on our first engine out. Unfortunately all we got to do was watter shuttle but it beat some possible alternatives. I'm pretty certain that this was worth a couple of sign-offs in my pumper operator task book.

This morning was better, just past 3am we were toned out for a car fire, I was the to radio in and first to the station. I bunkered up and pulled the engine out of the bay. By the time my AC got there we were immediately ready to leave. I drove, which got me another sign-off on my driver task-book. We got there, my AC played engineer for me while I flaked out 200 feet of 1&3/4" hose. She was ready to give me water at exactly the time I needed it, I got the fire knocked down in short order. My chief then showed up but by this time there was just some cleanup left. Once at the station I took the engine for a joy-ride to refill her from a hydrant, I felt more than a bit guilty leaving the white-hats to wash hose, but sometimes that's the way it works.

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