catchup post

These have been eventful times, to the point that I've not had time to waste on posting. Here's a catchup post.

This item comes first since it allows me to use the singular in the following items. I thought Sylvia and I had reconciled our most significant differences, it turns out that we hadn't so we've split up effective last night. In many ways it has been a wonderful year or so but we failed to negotiate some of our issues.

Two cats were dropped off by someone or other, clearly domesticated kitties. One is called PB which stands for pre-blender. He's black and white, which in a blender would make him gray like all my other kitties. The other is all black, she's called Porter (think beer). Initially the gender was thought to be reversed, but unless the female is on top in cats PB is a he and Porter is a she. Neither is fixed so as soon as I'm confident that I can trap them both reliably I'll take care of this.

I've been drilling with Clatskanie RFPD and have been loving it. They're a younger and more agressive department so we train much harder. I've also done a couple of night-shifts there and once I figure out the ins and outs I plan on spending at least one night a week there. The ultimate goal is to get enough medical time to make me confident that I can advance my EMT training from basic to intermediate. The down-side to the time spent in Clatskanie is that I now drill every Monday, most Wednesdays, and two Thursdays a month.

Today, in boredom, I wandered up to the station and we got a call for a priority three bleeding. I got to drive (my third signoff, yay). Once there I was the first medical person to establish patient contact. My partner really pissed me off when she barged in and ordered me off to fetch something or other from the medic. Since the patient's family was present I felt it best to just obey even though she was in no sense more qualified than me to handle this patient. Every time I go out on a call with her I end up frustrated.

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