blood glucose level

A friend of mine loaned me his BGL test kit and some strips (well, he gave me the strips). This morning I did some poking around.

6:10 BGL is 81 no food since 2PM yesterday
6:10 slam a can of peach juice (42 grams of sugar)
6:25 BGL now up to 127
6:41 BGL starting to fall, at 99
7:10 BGL crashed to 57 slightly light-headed
8:10 BGL has leveled back to 79 feeling OK again, time for some munchies, Top Ramen for breakfast, yum!


Why would you bail out the big 3?

If you ever needed a reason to take that SUV and shove it...
  • Russian gas to Europe 'blocked'
  • Crisis deepens as Russia-Ukraine gas deal unravels
  • Yushchenko: Purpose of gas conflict is to convince Europe of need to develop Nord Stream pipeline
  • Gas supply from Russia 'blocked'
  • Back To Square One In Russian-Ukrainian Gas Dispute

We talk about bailing the big 3 out. How about putting money into Aptera & Tesla instead?
(map borrowed from news.bbc.co.uk)


bringing back the past

Before I started using blogspot I kept a blog elsewhere, I'm now trying to bring forward some of its posts, they'll show up over the next few days. Let me know if there are any broken links.

Middle East

I usually try to ignore the crap going on in the middle east. Today while looking for a weather forecast I accidentally stumbled upon a piece about what's going on in Gaza. What exactly is it that makes Israel recognizable from any other terrorist organization? Did those people learn all about coexistence with other nations from GW?