December 2008 Storm

On the 14th it started snowing. It is now the 20th and it is still snowing. When I go for a stroll on the lawn I sink in to my knees. In many ways this is very pretty, in a few ways this is a royal pain. The weight of the snow has taken out one of my apple trees which chose to fall on the bee hive (which may have survived), several other trees have lost some assortment of limbs. One of the ducks froze to death last night. I've yet to miss a day of work, but I've taken to leaving at 2 or 3 in the morning so as to avoid the idiots and Friday I left work early for the same reason. I'm putting some pictures up here.



This is the coldest I've recorded since I've been living in Mist. When I brought hot water to the chickens this morning it was 10F, the temperature eventually dropped to 8.6F. Brrr, these are the days when a hand knit wool hat is your best friend.