This morning I gave blood for the first time. I've been wanting to do this since I got in a motorcycle accident two and a half years ago and received two units of blood as part of my restoration process. It turns out that after you get blood you can't give blood for a year. By then the urge to pay back what had so generously been given me was tempered by my fear of the unknown, so I procrastinated. An assortment of circumstances came together and today I went in.

I tried to get a co-worker or two come come with, the peer pressure would have guaranteed that I didn't turn chicken and run. Unfortunately nobody was interested so I had to provide my own peer pressure. Not a bad deal, after all, who is my most equal peer?

It all went by quickly, I left the office at 8:00, I was back by 9:15. It turns out that they time you as you spill your life-juice, I impressed the phlebotomist by doing my thing in four minutes and twenty six seconds. He in turn impressed me with terrific bedside manners and exceptional skill in getting a stick so we're even.

Next time I'll try squeezing the ball harder and faster, I wonder if I can make four minutes flat.

My one complaint has to be with how difficult the red cross makes it to find a donation site. One of the worst web sites on the net. Grrrr.

I'll be back for more, probably on a regular schedule.

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