Iota - R.I.P.

Today I heard back from the insurance adjustor, Iota, my trusty little Corolla is a total. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, she weighed about 2700 lbs, the elk was around 1300 lbs. Neither really stood much of a chance. Unfortunately the new Corolla is a bit bigger than the one I had, just when gas prices are going up.

No idea how long it will take Metropolitan to value her and get me a check, in any case I'll be driving the truck for another month or so as I really can't see going into debt again for a car.


EMS work

I live and volunteer in a nice quiet district. People here are generally used to being self-sufficient so they don't bother us with hang-nails. This is a good thing, few things make me happier than healthy people in my district.

Twice in two weeks we've been called out on patients who required CPR. Neither made it. The whole crew took each of these very personally. As a team we did what we could, but sometimes situations arise where all training, training, passion, care, and effort in the world make no difference.

We're now ready for a happy call. Baby being born? Kitten in a tree? Anyone? Please?

Happyness is...

I just checked online with my credit union to see what bills were coming due... Conspicuous in it's lack was any form of house payment. I suspect it will take me some time to get used to this new state of affairs.


Iota - 0, elk - 0

Tonight I was at the station doing my normal maintenance. It was good, there were peanut butter cookies, what else can a guy hope for?

When I left the station I didn't even make it a mile before an elk jumped in front of me. It turns out that an elk and a Toyota Corolla (named Iota) have about the same stamina, both gave up tonight.

I've put some pictures of Iota up.