December 2008 Storm

On the 14th it started snowing. It is now the 20th and it is still snowing. When I go for a stroll on the lawn I sink in to my knees. In many ways this is very pretty, in a few ways this is a royal pain. The weight of the snow has taken out one of my apple trees which chose to fall on the bee hive (which may have survived), several other trees have lost some assortment of limbs. One of the ducks froze to death last night. I've yet to miss a day of work, but I've taken to leaving at 2 or 3 in the morning so as to avoid the idiots and Friday I left work early for the same reason. I'm putting some pictures up here.



This is the coldest I've recorded since I've been living in Mist. When I brought hot water to the chickens this morning it was 10F, the temperature eventually dropped to 8.6F. Brrr, these are the days when a hand knit wool hat is your best friend.



This morning I gave blood for the first time. I've been wanting to do this since I got in a motorcycle accident two and a half years ago and received two units of blood as part of my restoration process. It turns out that after you get blood you can't give blood for a year. By then the urge to pay back what had so generously been given me was tempered by my fear of the unknown, so I procrastinated. An assortment of circumstances came together and today I went in.

I tried to get a co-worker or two come come with, the peer pressure would have guaranteed that I didn't turn chicken and run. Unfortunately nobody was interested so I had to provide my own peer pressure. Not a bad deal, after all, who is my most equal peer?

It all went by quickly, I left the office at 8:00, I was back by 9:15. It turns out that they time you as you spill your life-juice, I impressed the phlebotomist by doing my thing in four minutes and twenty six seconds. He in turn impressed me with terrific bedside manners and exceptional skill in getting a stick so we're even.

Next time I'll try squeezing the ball harder and faster, I wonder if I can make four minutes flat.

My one complaint has to be with how difficult the red cross makes it to find a donation site. One of the worst web sites on the net. Grrrr.

I'll be back for more, probably on a regular schedule.



Iota finally has a replacement, this is the closest to a frilly car I've ever had, power everything, even a remote for the locks. Most importantly, my iPod just plugs right in. FYI, $300 for a replacement key. Hopefully my third Toyota experience will be as good as the first two were.

Note the color matched kitty under the front bumper. Only someone as attuned to the aesthetic subtleties as I am would select their car based on their kitties.


vote how?

For whatever reason almost 40% of Columbia county voters are against renewing the 9-1-1 operating levy. Fortunately that's not enough, but, what the hell are they thinking? Who do they want to call when they have their backs to the wall?


Yes We Can

Over the last many months I've gone from completely enthusiastic at the prospect of being able to vote for someone of my generation to more than a bit jaded by the bullshit spewed by either side. I no longer think Barack will be differ substantially from anyone who's come before, but, he's not GW and that's good enough for me.

Come morning I'll have gotten over my pessimism and I'll be ready to follow my new CEO. Good luck Barack, you'll need it.


mortgage burning

Saturday afternoon a number of friends helped me burn the nearly 100 bits of legal size paper which constituted my mortgage. As Oregon would have it we got rained on, but nobody seemed too concerned with this. At the time of actually burning we got a short burst of clear sky.

Present were Ann, Christine, Jen, Kathy, Monique, Ben, Carl, Jim, Lorne, Roy, and Stan.

Too late for the burn, but in plenty of time for food were Bob, Tod, and Cathy.

It's not enough that I'm lucky enough to be out from under that burden, I even got to celebrate this event with some of the best people I could hope to count as friends.


Iota - R.I.P.

Today I heard back from the insurance adjustor, Iota, my trusty little Corolla is a total. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, she weighed about 2700 lbs, the elk was around 1300 lbs. Neither really stood much of a chance. Unfortunately the new Corolla is a bit bigger than the one I had, just when gas prices are going up.

No idea how long it will take Metropolitan to value her and get me a check, in any case I'll be driving the truck for another month or so as I really can't see going into debt again for a car.


EMS work

I live and volunteer in a nice quiet district. People here are generally used to being self-sufficient so they don't bother us with hang-nails. This is a good thing, few things make me happier than healthy people in my district.

Twice in two weeks we've been called out on patients who required CPR. Neither made it. The whole crew took each of these very personally. As a team we did what we could, but sometimes situations arise where all training, training, passion, care, and effort in the world make no difference.

We're now ready for a happy call. Baby being born? Kitten in a tree? Anyone? Please?

Happyness is...

I just checked online with my credit union to see what bills were coming due... Conspicuous in it's lack was any form of house payment. I suspect it will take me some time to get used to this new state of affairs.


Iota - 0, elk - 0

Tonight I was at the station doing my normal maintenance. It was good, there were peanut butter cookies, what else can a guy hope for?

When I left the station I didn't even make it a mile before an elk jumped in front of me. It turns out that an elk and a Toyota Corolla (named Iota) have about the same stamina, both gave up tonight.

I've put some pictures of Iota up.