Killer Dust Bunny

The kitten saga has progressed. Mama cat took two of the three back but rejected the smallest (all gray) one. Clearly this wasn't' an acceptable state of affairs so I pulled all the stops on my maternal instincts and found nothing there. Time to improvise. My laundry basket made a fine home for a few days but was quickly outgrown, the bathroom has been taken over. I'm still bottle feeding him kitten formula, we're now up to 5 or 6 60cc bottles a day. One night I brought him to the station for drill and Ann named him "Killer Dust Bunny". Good name, it can be Killer, Dusty, or DB, depending on what the little guy's been up to. He's now about 3 times larger than he was when I first found him. Here's a picture of him at about 2.5 weeks.

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