class update

Class has been killing me, but it's all been fun. A few weeks ago we all gave ourselves injections in class. Contrary to predictions I didn't pass out while giving or getting. The furious pace of tests, lectures, and skills practice hasn't slowed down at all. If ever things got busier for me, last Sunday I got to spend all day in the ER at Tuality which was an eye opener and a heck of a learning experience. The Sunday prior I spent all day in a MetroWest ambulance, there too I had a great time and learned a lot from my betters. Last night we had the exam on the second half of the material, I managed a 91% which closely matches the 92% I have for the rest of the course. The only things left now are the final exam and practice for the national and state written and skill tests. It's so close I can almost taste having a day off.

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