Class is Done!

Class is done with! It would seem that the majority of the Mist-Birkenfeld crew passed, I got the A that I'd hoped for but not as comfortably as I'd hoped. Still... Tomorrow morning we have our skills test for the state, some time later we get the written/computer based test. Then we finally get to practice. Yay! Unfortunately the spare time I'd dreamt of while class was still going isn't going to happen, it will take me at least a month to catch up on life.

Killer Dust Bunny update

How quickly they grow up...


Killer Dust Bunny

The kitten saga has progressed. Mama cat took two of the three back but rejected the smallest (all gray) one. Clearly this wasn't' an acceptable state of affairs so I pulled all the stops on my maternal instincts and found nothing there. Time to improvise. My laundry basket made a fine home for a few days but was quickly outgrown, the bathroom has been taken over. I'm still bottle feeding him kitten formula, we're now up to 5 or 6 60cc bottles a day. One night I brought him to the station for drill and Ann named him "Killer Dust Bunny". Good name, it can be Killer, Dusty, or DB, depending on what the little guy's been up to. He's now about 3 times larger than he was when I first found him. Here's a picture of him at about 2.5 weeks.

class update

Class has been killing me, but it's all been fun. A few weeks ago we all gave ourselves injections in class. Contrary to predictions I didn't pass out while giving or getting. The furious pace of tests, lectures, and skills practice hasn't slowed down at all. If ever things got busier for me, last Sunday I got to spend all day in the ER at Tuality which was an eye opener and a heck of a learning experience. The Sunday prior I spent all day in a MetroWest ambulance, there too I had a great time and learned a lot from my betters. Last night we had the exam on the second half of the material, I managed a 91% which closely matches the 92% I have for the rest of the course. The only things left now are the final exam and practice for the national and state written and skill tests. It's so close I can almost taste having a day off.