What a night...

Background; Mark, one of the cats I serve, had been missing since Friday morning. I've spent hours wandering around calling his name :-(.

Class was rough last night, I didn't get the Princes put away at the station 'til 10pm, by the time I got in bed it was almost 11pm. It had been warm and the house was really toasty so I opened the window wide before settling in.

Around midnight a horrid yowling awakened me. I rush out to investigate, mostly naked but with shotgun and flashlight in hand. I found nothing so I returned to bed. I'd not seen Monique that evening but this isn't unusual. After the yowling, I had a nasty feeling so I settled into bed and tossed and tumbled 'til 4am when it was time to rise and shine.

I could feel 3 cats on the bed with me, but I didn't have the inclination (or the courage) to find out which they were. I turned the light on and to my astonishment found both Mark and Nini were there looking at me expectantly, I glanced back into the bedroom and Monique, Certosino, and Loquito were on the bed.

Once more I have 5 felines to serve, I hope your day started out as happily as mine did

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