cats everywhere!

After all the chores were done I pulled the truck into the barn to load up some hay for a friend. Once done I circled the truck to be certain all was clear and secure. I got growled at. I poked around a bit and located a cat glaring at me. She looked a lot like my cats, almost all gray, white socks, white chest, short fur in this case. I kept on looking because there's only one reason a cat will growl at you and not run. I found the OMG kittens. Brought them in, they now live in the bathroom in a laundry basket. I then rushed off to Longview, WA to get them kitty formula and a bottle. As I was trying to feed them my pager goes off, 'tis a car on fire. I abandoned them and went to do my duty. I got home and will now apparently spend the rest of the night feeding kittens. It could be so much worse, it's not clear that it could be much better.

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