Second EMS Test

Today was our second big test. It covered chapters 6, 7, and 8 (airway managment, scene size-up, and initial assessment). I only got 95% on this one, the trend is disturbing. How long 'til I'm failing if I lose 5% each time?

Fortunately we had a couple of extra credit questions, with their help I got a 105% which will presumably be truncated to 100%. I can live with this :-).

We also learned and practiced basic life support (BLS) and lifting/moving patients. Fun stuff.

Watch cats

I feel so safe from mice around here. I have 5 very protective barn cats keeping an eye on things for me. Ooopppsss, well there's one more someplace, I'm certain that she will take care of things. Errrr, maybe I'll go chase mice myself.


First Big EMS Test

Last night I aced my first EMT-B test (human anatomy). Given my past academic history (not good) this is a near miracle. It gets better. Today Ann (our EMS head cheese) assigned me my very own stethoscope. I feel so official. The hardest thing I'll be doing in the next three months is remembering that I cannot use anything I've been learning until I've gone through all the testing by the feds, state, and (I assume) my department. Sigh.